Rats Tail Help Request

We are in the process of aligning properties who are interested in taking part in this year’s giant rats tail (GRT) aerial campaign which commences in spring.

We will be using drones (for the first time for small/hard to access areas), fixed wing aircraft and choppers. 

Often this can be done for little or no application costs (only the cost of the product) when we can get a number of neighbouring properties together for treatment.

The product used is called Flupropanate manufactured by Granular Products. This will be our second year of this sort of approach while Granular Products have been doing this in the area for several years.

What we are offering is, if you’re interested in being involved in this or future campaigns, to attend your property, address your current GRT status, offer some control method recommendations in the lead up to the campaign, provide a written fixed price quote and then geo map the treatment area which is then fed into the aircraft’s navigation.

To be clear though, this is not for everyone and there are limitations to the product, together with extended withholding periods. GRT control is more about multiple control methods (deep ripping, burning, over grazing, replanting, fertilisation etc as well as chemical control) than it is about a single solution fix. We would be happy to discuss all this in detail with you as part of the property visit.

I am interested in having someone attend my property and provide advice and a quotation for potential involvement in the upcoming aerial application campaign.


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