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Axeman 600 Herbicide - 10L

When it comes to tackling unwanted vegetation in commercial and industrial settings, rights of way, pastures, and forests, Axeman 600 Herbicide stands as your steadfast partner in weed control. With a robust list of controlled weeds and versatile applications, Axeman 600 Herbicide is the answer to reclaiming your land from invasive species.

Situations of Use:

Axeman 600 Herbicide is designed to excel in various situations, making it a versatile choice for weed management in:
- Commercial and industrial situations
- Rights of way
- Pastures
- Forests

Controlled Weeds:

Axeman 600 Herbicide is a potent solution for the control of a wide array of woody and broadleaf weeds, including but not limited to:
- African Boxthorn
- Australian Blackthorn
- Banksia and Angophora
- Bitter Bark
- Blackberry
- Brigalow
- Broom
- Brown Salwood
- Camphor Laurel
- Capeweed
- Castor Oil
- Chinese Apple
- Common prickly pear
- Dawson Gum
- English broom
- Eucalypt Seedlings
- Eucalyptus
- Eucalyptus (Except Dawson Gum)
- Eucalyptus (seedlings and regrowth from small lignotubers)
- False Sandalwood
- Fennel
- Gorse
- Green cestrum
- Green Wattle
- Groundsel bush
- Horehound
- Lantana Needlewood
- Olive
- Paperbark
- Prickly Acacia
- Privet
- Rubbervine
- Saffron thistle (up to bud stage)
- Seedling Camphor laurel (up to 3 m tall)
- Silver Wattle
- Smooth Tree Pear
- St John’s Wort
- Sweet Briar
- Teatree
- Tiger pear
- Tree of Heaven
- Wattles (including silver and black wattle)
- Yellow Wood

Fallow, Stubble, Firebreaks:

In fallow, stubble, and firebreak situations, Axeman 600 Herbicide effectively controls:
- Paddy Melon (Cucumis myriocarpus)
- Afghan
- Blitter or Camel Melon (Citrullus lanatus)

Axeman 600 Herbicide is your assurance of a weed-free, productive landscape. Say goodbye to invasive species that hinder your agricultural or industrial pursuits and let Axeman 600 Herbicide lead the way to a cleaner, more productive environment.
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