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Protect your Banana Bunch by covering the fruit with these good quality bunch bags. Fruit can be damaged by wind, sun, birds or other hungry hunters!

The use of a Banana ripening bag can improve the quality of the fruit as well as increase the yield.

The blue plastic colour helps to identify when the fruit was bagged and half silver reflects heat - make sure the silver colour faces the sun. The bag is open at the top and bottom - simply tie the bag loosely at the top and is leave the bag open at the bottom - giving better air-flow. When the bananas start to turn upwards, use a bunch cover to protect it from birds and fruit bats.

Tree ripening the fruit will give a beautiful sweet taste, so only take a few at a time while the others ripen. Commercial growers harvest while the lowest fruit is rounded but still green. Ripen by keeping them in a cool, dry place with other ripe bananas.
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