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Drimol 10% Lick Block - 20kg

Drimol 10% is a high-quality, palatable molasses protein block specially formulated for beef cattle, dairy cattle, and goats. This supplement is designed to enhance the nutritional intake of your livestock, providing essential nutrients and proteins for optimal health and productivity.

Key Benefits:
- High Protein Content: With a total crude protein content of 34.8%, including 6.05% natural protein and a crude protein equivalent of 28.75%, Drimol 10% ensures your livestock receive the necessary building blocks for growth and maintenance.
- Energy-Rich: Delivers 6.97 MJ/kg of energy on a dry matter basis, supporting the energy needs of active and growing animals.
- Essential Minerals and Vitamins: Fortified with critical minerals like calcium (4.0%), phosphorus (2.2%), magnesium (3.78%), and essential vitamins including Vitamin A (32,000 IU), ensuring balanced nutrition.
- Molasses Base: Approximately 52% molasses content enhances palatability, encouraging consistent intake among livestock.
- Trace Elements: Enriched with iodine (13.3 mg), cobalt (10.0 mg), selenium (3.0 mg), copper (200.0 mg), and zinc (333.25 mg) to support various metabolic functions and overall health.

Directions for Use:
- Placement: Distribute sufficient blocks to ensure all livestock have ready access. Position blocks where animals gather to encourage intake.
- Roughage Availability: Ensure adequate roughage is available at all times to support digestion and health.
- Initial Feeding: For livestock that may be starving, provide good quality lucerne hay or cottonseed meal for one week prior to introducing the blocks to help acclimate them.
- Edible Carton: The block comes in an edible carton for convenience. Simply remove the lid before placing it out for livestock to consume.

Recommended Intake:
- Dairy Cattle: 50-100g per head per day
- Beef Cattle: 100-200g per head per day
- Sheep & Goats: 20-40g per head per day

Nutritional Analysis (per kg):
- Energy (DM): 6.97 MJ
- Total Crude Protein: 34.8%
- Natural Protein: 6.05%
- Crude Protein Equivalent: 28.75%
- Urea: 10.0%
- Molasses (approx): 52.0%
- Phosphorus: 2.2%
- Calcium: 4.0%
- Salt: 1.5%
- Sulphur: 0.69%
- Magnesium: 3.78%
- Vitamin A: 32,000 IU
- Iodine: 13.3 mg
- Cobalt: 10.0 mg
- Selenium: 3.0 mg
- Copper: 200.0 mg
- Zinc: 333.25 mg

Warning: This product contains urea, which can be toxic if consumed in excessive quantities or too rapidly. Monitor intake carefully to avoid overconsumption. Do not feed to horses or other equines as urea is poisonous to them.

This product does not contain restricted animal material.

Withholding period: Nil

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