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Boron/Borox Powder (Solubor) - 25kg

Engineered with precision, Solubor is more than just a boron supplement; it's a solution that maximises concentration, dispersion, and solubility in water, setting the gold standard for various applications in the agricultural sector.

Versatile Applications:
- Coating Solid Fertilisers: Solubor excels in coating finished solid fertilisers, ensuring a uniform and effective distribution of boron for optimal plant nutrition.
- Manufacturing Solution or Suspension Fertilisers: With optimised dissolution at low temperatures and high concentrations, Solubor is the go-to choice for manufacturing efficient solution or suspension fertilisers.
- High-Performance Liquid Formulations: Solubor plays a vital role in formulating high-performance liquid blends containing boron or a combination of nutrients for efficient spraying, 'fertigation,' or irrigation methods.
- Inclusion in Multi-Element Powder Formulations: Solubor finds its place in multi-element soluble powder formulations for farm spraying, providing a comprehensive solution for plant nutrient needs.
- Boron Delivery through Irrigation and Hydroponics: Solubor is ideal for delivering boron through irrigation, fertigation, or hydroponics, offering a practical and efficient method of plant feeding.

Key Advantages:
- Rapid Dispersion: Solubor's amorphous particles ensure rapid wetting and incorporation in water and viscous liquids, even at low temperatures, enhancing its usability.
- High Solubility: The minute particle size of Solubor (<75 microns) ensures high solubility, even at low temperatures, providing rapid dissolution under demanding conditions.
- Minimal Crystallisation Effect: Solubor minimally influences crystallisation temperatures or formulation density, allowing for the addition of up to 2.7% Solubor in liquid fertiliser formulations while maintaining low crystallisation temperatures.
- pH Buffering Action: Solubor exhibits a slight buffering action, contributing to pH maintenance in solutions, ensuring stability in various formulations.

In summary, Solubor is not just a boron powder; it's a game-changer in the agro-industrial landscape, offering unparalleled benefits for diverse applications. Choose Solubor for efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in meeting your boron supplementation needs.
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