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Granular Boron - 1kg

A versatile and essential addition to your agricultural and horticultural endeavours. Specially formulated to meet the unique needs of plants, this granular boron supplement is designed to optimise growth, development, and overall plant health.

Nutrient Enrichment:
Boron is a micronutrient crucial for various physiological processes in plants, including cell wall formation, sugar transport, and flower development. Granular Boron ensures that your plants receive the right amount of this essential element to thrive.

Improved Flower and Fruit Development:
Elevate the quality and quantity of your harvest with Granular Boron. By promoting proper flower and fruit development, this product contributes to increased yields and enhanced crop quality.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake:
Boron plays a pivotal role in nutrient uptake and assimilation. The granular formula is designed to facilitate the absorption of other essential nutrients, making it an invaluable component of your overall plant nutrition strategy.

Easy Application:
The granular form of our boron supplement ensures easy and precise application. Simply spread the granules evenly across the soil surface or incorporate them during planting. The slow-release formula ensures a steady supply of boron over time.

Suitable for Various Crops:
Whether you are cultivating fruits, vegetables, or ornamental plants, Granular Boron is versatile and suitable for a wide range of crops. It is compatible with different soil types, making it an ideal choice for diverse agricultural and horticultural applications.

Scientifically Backed:
Backed by rigorous research and testing, Granular Boron is a product you can trust. It has been developed to meet the specific needs of modern farming practices, ensuring optimal plant performance.

Elevate your crop production with the power of Granular Boron – an indispensable tool for achieving healthier, more robust plants and bountiful harvests. Invest in the future of your crops and cultivate success with our premium boron supplement.
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