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Brigand Rodenticide Blocks - 2kg

A potent solution designed for effective rodent control in commercial settings, favoured by pest controllers and intensive cropping and fruit-growing enterprises. Formulated with the active ingredient Brodifacoum, Brigand is a trusted choice for those seeking reliable rodent management.

Brodifacoum is renowned for its efficacy in eradicating rodent populations swiftly and efficiently. Ideal for use in commercial applications, Brigand provides a robust solution for farmers and pest control professionals facing the challenges of intensive cropping and fruit-growing enterprises.

One of Brigand's key features is its highly toxic nature to target species, ensuring a rapid and effective response to rodent infestations. To enhance the safety of application, we recommend the use of bait stations and strict adherence to good housekeeping practices. These measures help minimise the risk of unintended exposure to non-target species, promoting a safer environment for both humans and animals.

As a responsible user of Brigand, it is crucial to collect all deceased rodents promptly from the treated environment. Additionally, we advise pet owners to keep their animals away from baited areas to prevent accidental ingestion. Careful adherence to these recommendations contributes to a more controlled and secure application process.

Before opening or using Brigand, it is imperative to read the product label thoroughly. The label provides essential information on safety directions and application rates, ensuring that users have the necessary knowledge to handle the product responsibly. Following these guidelines guarantees optimal results while prioritising safety for users, non-target species, and the environment.

Choose Brigand Rodenticide Blocks for a reliable and effective solution to rodent control in commercial settings. Trust in the power of Brodifacoum to address rodent infestations swiftly and responsibly, with the added assurance of safety measures recommended for the well-being of all involved.
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