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Brigand is based on an active Brodificoum which is ideal for commercial application - many pest controllers use this one along with farmers who are intensive cropping and fruit growing enterprises.

BRIGAND is highly toxic to non target species - so we recommend bait stations and good housekeeping practices are observed when using this product. Collect all dead rodents from the environment and keep pets away from baited areas

Rats 250gm require 1.2gm to be a lethal dose and Mice 12.5gm require 0.2 of a gram for a lethal dose - Antidote for BRIGAND is Vitamin K1 and if poisoning occurs we advise taking your pets directly to a vet for treatment.

Available in sizes 400 gm, 1kg, 2kg, and 8kg pails

We always recommend that you read the label before opening or using BRIGAND, follow Safety direction and application rates as per label recommendations
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