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Avigrain Budgie Blue - 20kg

The preferred blend of top budgerigar breeders worldwide. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the legendary mix developed by Australia's own Fred Cardona, Budgie Blue boasts a carefully curated composition aimed at optimising the health and vitality of your beloved budgies.

At the heart of Budgie Blue lies a robust foundation of premium quality Canaryseed, constituting a substantial 50% of the blend. Renowned for its superior protein content and lower carbohydrate levels compared to millet, Canaryseed ensures a well-rounded and nutritionally balanced diet for your feathered companions.

Complementing the Canaryseed are select varieties of millet including White French Millet, Panorama, Jap Millet, Panicum, Shirohie Millet, and Red Panicum, along with Budgie Hulled Oats. This harmonious fusion of grains not only mirrors the cherished recipe pioneered by Fred Cardona but also reflects the preferences of discerning breeders who prioritise excellence in avian nutrition.

Avigrain's commitment to quality extends beyond tradition, as evidenced by the meticulous sourcing and blending process that has earned Budgie Blue its sterling reputation. Developed to cater to the exacting standards of budgerigar enthusiasts, this blend encapsulates decades of expertise and passion for avian welfare.

Notably, Budgie Blue stands out for its versatility, accommodating various colour mutations including blue, green, and even spangles. Whether your avian companions sport vibrant hues or striking patterns, Budgie Blue ensures they receive the essential nutrients needed for optimal health and vitality.

Join the ranks of esteemed breeders and owners who swear by Avigrain Budgie Blue and elevate your budgerigar's diet to new heights of excellence. Trust in a legacy of quality, trust in Budgie Blue.
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