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BVM + Probiotic Powder - 4kg

A holistic supplement designed for the optimal health of your birds. This Bird Vitamin Mineral (B.V.M) powder combines a blend of essential vitamins and minerals with a multi-strain probiotic formula.

Balanced Nutrition: This carefully curated blend ensures a complete and balanced diet for your birds.

Digestive Health: Multi-strain probiotics promote a balanced digestive system, aiding nutrient absorption and preventing digestive issues.

Feather Quality: Enhance plumage with vital vitamins contributing to vibrant and lustrous feathers.

Bone Strength: Essential minerals support strong and healthy bones in your avian companions.

Immune System Support: The synergy of vitamins and probiotics boosts the immune system for overall health.

Easy to use – just sprinkle onto your bird's food. BVM Powder is suitable for various bird species, offering the care your feathered friends deserve. Elevate their well-being with the power of balanced nutrition and digestive support.
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