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Milk Maker Calf Rearer Crumbles (Medicated) - 20kg

Calf Rearer Crumbles is a high-energy supplementary feed meticulously formulated for young, unweaned dairy and beef calves. Designed to support optimal growth and health, this medicated feed ensures your calves receive the essential nutrients they need during their critical early stages of life.

Features and Benefits:
- Crumble Formulation: The unique crumble form eliminates separation, minimises feed wastage, and enhances digestibility, ensuring your calves receive a consistent and nutritious feed every time.
- Digestible Ingredients: Specially selected ingredients cater to the delicate digestive systems of young calves, promoting easy digestion and nutrient absorption.
- Protein Meals: Rich in natural essential amino acids, the protein meals support muscle development and overall growth.
- Essential Nutrients: Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and flavouring to meet the dietary needs of young calves, promoting robust health and vitality.
- Strict Quality Control: Manufactured under stringent quality control standards for both incoming raw materials and the finished product, ensuring superior feed quality.
- Research-Based Formulation: Developed in line with the latest research in calf nutrition, utilising a variety of high-quality raw materials to provide a balanced and effective feed.

Typical Composition:
- Grains: Barley, wheat, maize
- Fibre: Bran and pollard
- Protein Sources: Vegetable protein meals, full fat soybean
- Energy and Palatability: Molasses, vegetable oil
- Minerals: Limestone, dicalcium phosphate, salt
- Additives: Buffer, mould inhibitor, Riverina ruminant vitamin & mineral premix
- Medicated Ingredient: Rumensin, supplying monensin sodium at 30 mg/kg

Key Active Ingredient:
This feed contains Rumensin, which supplies monensin sodium at 30 mg/kg. Monensin sodium aids in the prevention of coccidiosis and enhances weight gain and feed efficiency, providing your calves with the best start in life.

Base raw materials may gradually change seasonally to ensure consistent quality and nutrition.

Milk Maker Calf Rearer Crumbles is your go-to solution for raising healthy, strong, and thriving calves. Trust in a product backed by rigorous quality standards and cutting-edge nutritional research to support your young livestock's growth and development.

This feed is scientifically formulated for the intended species of animal and should not be fed to any other animal. It may contain medication and ingredients that may prove harmful if fed to other species.
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