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Avigrain Canary Mix - Per Kg

A meticulously crafted birdseed blend designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of canaries. Comprising a blend of premium ingredients, this mix is thoughtfully curated to ensure optimal health and vitality for your feathered friends.

At the heart of this high-quality mix is canaryseed, making up a substantial 70% of the composition. Avigrain takes pride in sourcing the finest canaryseed to maintain a consistently high standard across all blends, irrespective of market fluctuations. Canaryseed, a winter grass cultivated wherever wheat thrives, is a key component in birdseed mixes due to its exceptional palatability and distinctive nutritional profile. Notably, it stands out from millet as it is higher in fibre and lower in carbohydrates, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced diet for your canaries.

The inclusion of millets, such as White French Millet, Panorama, Jap Millet, Panicum, and Shirohie Millet, adds diversity to the mix. With their low fibre content, millets contribute to a diet that is both tasty and easily digestible.

Hulled Oats, or Groats, are another premium component of Avigrain Canary Mix. The removal of the hull leaves behind the grain kernel of oats, resulting in a highly palatable addition to the blend. Like millets, Hulled Oats are rich in carbohydrates, adding an extra layer of nutrition while maintaining a balance in the overall formulation.

Canola, an oilseed grass, introduces a source of high-fat and protein content to the mix. This nutrient-rich ingredient complements the other components, ensuring that your canaries receive a well-rounded and complete diet.

Avigrain is committed to delivering superior birdseed blends, and our Canary Mix is no exception. With a focus on quality and consistency, this blend provides your canaries with the nutrition they need for optimal health, vibrant plumage, and overall well-being. Treat your feathered companions to the best with Avigrain Canary Mix – where quality meets nutrition for a chirp-worthy experience.
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