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CattleKing Protein Meal Pellets - 25kg

CattleKing Protein Meal Pellets are a feed supplement derived from wheat by-products of the grain ethanol distilling industry. These pellets are an enhanced, pelletised version of the popular CattleKing Protein Meal, featuring improved calcium/phosphorus ratios to better support livestock health.

Key Features:
- High Protein Content: Contains 21% crude protein, with 80% of it estimated to be rumen degradable (bypass), ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and utilisation.
- Balanced Energy Source: The unique blend of non-fibre carbohydrates provides a balanced energy source, promoting optimal rumen health and enhancing animal production.
- Enhanced Palatability: Designed to be highly palatable, CattleKing Protein Meal Pellets are readily accepted by livestock, making them a favoured component in various feed rations.
- Safe for All Livestock: Suitable for all classes of livestock, these pellets are an excellent, safe choice for your animals’ dietary needs.

- Prevents Acidosis: With a low starch content of only 15%, these pellets help prevent sub-clinical acidosis, a condition that can impair fibre digestion and weight gain, and lead to issues with mobility due to foot problems.
- Consistent Nutrient Intake: By providing a consistent source of protein and energy, these pellets help avoid the problems associated with inconsistent grain intake on pasture, further reducing the risk of acidosis.
- Improved Health and Production: The balanced nutrient profile supports overall animal health, leading to better weight gain, improved rumen function, and enhanced productivity.

Choose CattleKing Protein Meal Pellets to ensure your livestock receive a high-quality, balanced, and safe feed supplement that supports their health and productivity.
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