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Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound Spray for Animals – 100g Aerosol

The comprehensive solution for wound care and protection against infections and insects. Cetrigen is a versatile and trusted choice for the well-being of your animals, combining the power of antiseptic action, insect repellent, and a unique purple dye for easy identification and complete wound coverage.

Key Features:

Antiseptic Protection:
Cetrigen features cetrimide, a renowned antiseptic compound with potent antibacterial properties. This essential ingredient inhibits the growth of bacteria in wounds, safeguarding against infection. Even minor wounds pose a risk of infection, and Cetrigen helps prevent re-infection, reducing the chances of complications such as scarring and proud flesh.

Powerful Insect Repellent:
Infused with Deet, one of the most effective insect-repelling compounds available, Cetrigen creates a protective shield of repellent vapor as it evaporates. This shield confuses insects, making it difficult for them to locate the animal to land on. By repelling insects, Cetrigen protects wounds from insect-associated damage, promoting optimal healing conditions.

Multi-Species Application:
Cetrigen is registered for use on all animals, making it a versatile and convenient treatment option for both domestic pets and farm animals. With Cetrigen, there's no need for multiple products for different species, simplifying wound care in multi-species households.

Purple Dye for Easy Identification:
Recognised as "purple spray," Cetrigen features a distinctive bright purple colour, thanks to the inclusion of a purple dye in its formulation. This dye serves a crucial purpose – it allows for easy identification of the treated area, ensuring full wound coverage. The dye remains intact under most conditions, making it simple to identify treated areas each day.

Recommended Uses:
- Wound healing due to anti-bacterial action
- Preventing insect infestation of wounds and repelling insects from wounds
- Controlling fly strike
- Complete wound coverage – the purple dye in Cetrigen shows the extent and coverage of the area being treated.
- Suitable for multi-species use.

Why Choose Cetrigen?
Cetrigen stands out as the go-to solution for comprehensive wound care. With its antiseptic properties, powerful insect repellent, and unique purple dye, Cetrigen provides a holistic approach to wound management, promoting healing and protecting against potential complications.

Keep your animals healthy and happy with the trusted care of Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound Spray.
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