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Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Spray – 500mL

Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Spray is a solution designed to aid in the treatment of topical infections and bacterial skin diseases in a variety of animals, including cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and dogs. With its potent formulation, this antiseptic spray is specially crafted to address wounds, cuts, and abrasions effectively.

Key Features:

Multi-Species Application: Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Spray is versatile and suitable for use across various species, making it an indispensable addition to your veterinary care toolkit. Whether you're tending to cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, or dogs, this spray provides a comprehensive solution for skin-related issues.

Extended Fly Repellent: Not just an antiseptic, this spray goes the extra mile by offering fly repellent properties. It creates a protective barrier that repels flies for up to 12 hours from the wound surface, promoting a more comfortable and hygienic healing environment.

Fluorescent Pink Solution: Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Spray features a distinctive fluorescent pink solution, ensuring easy visibility during application. The vibrant colour aids in precise and targeted application, allowing you to monitor the affected areas with clarity.

Zero Withholding Period: Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Spray is formulated with the well-being of both animals and consumers in mind. It boasts a zero-day withholding period for meat and milk, ensuring that treated animals can seamlessly return to production without any concerns about residual effects.

Make Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Spray an integral part of your animal care routine, providing your livestock and pets with the best in wound care and infection prevention. Trust in the expertise of Troy, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of veterinary care.
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