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Talon Cockroach Killer Gel – 5g

The cutting-edge solution to eliminate cockroach infestations with unprecedented efficacy. This innovative gel stands out as the first to market, designed not only to swiftly dispatch cockroaches upon contact but also to eradicate entire colonies through its groundbreaking MetaActive release technology.

Versatile Cockroach Elimination:
Talon Cockroach Killer Gel is formulated to effectively target and eliminate a variety of common cockroach species, including American and German cockroaches. Say goodbye to the relentless invaders in just a matter of days.

Easy Application on All Surfaces:
With its user-friendly design, this gel is effortlessly applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Its convenient application ensures that cockroaches hiding in even the trickiest of spots are reached, providing comprehensive treatment.

Visible and Invisible Roach Eradication:
Talon Cockroach Killer Gel is not limited to eliminating the roaches you can see; it also effectively tackles hidden infestations. Don't let unseen roaches compromise your peace of mind – address both visible and invisible threats with this advanced formula.

MetaActive Release Technology:
The revolutionary MetaActive release technology sets Talon Cockroach Killer Gel apart from traditional solutions. The active ingredient is activated exclusively by enzymes present in cockroaches, minimising the risk to non-target organisms, including humans and pets. This targeted approach ensures maximum effectiveness with minimal environmental impact.

Delayed Mortality Effect:
Talon Cockroach Killer Gel unleashes a delayed mortality effect, initiating a three-step contamination chain reaction within the cockroach population. This strategic approach maximises the gel's impact, creating a domino effect that reaches the entire colony and ensures long-term success in cockroach control.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Talon Cockroach Killer Gel is the go-to solution for pest control experts. Its proven efficacy and innovative technology make it a preferred choice for addressing cockroach infestations on a global scale.

Take control of your living spaces with Talon Cockroach Killer Gel – the ultimate solution that goes beyond mere extermination to disrupt and dismantle cockroach colonies. Safeguard your home or business with the power of cutting-edge pest control technology.
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