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Brunnings Coir-Peat Brick

An organic, lightweight growing medium that revolutionises your gardening experience. Crafted from 100% natural coconut husk fibres, this eco-friendly choice ensures optimal plant growth without the use of harmful chemicals.

Organic Excellence:
Embrace the organic revolution with Brunnings Coir-Peat Brick. Derived from coconut husk fibres, this growing medium is a chemical-free haven for your plants. Give them the best start with the purity and sustainability of Coir-Peat.

Soil Transformation:
Take your garden soil to new heights with Coir-Peat. This exceptional soil conditioner enhances structure, promotes aeration, and prevents compaction. Its addition boosts water-holding capacity, delivering a consistent water supply for thriving plants.

Enduring Impact:
Experience long-lasting benefits with Coir-Peat. This growing medium remains in the soil for up to 5 years, continually loosening hard clay soils and creating an environment conducive to robust plant growth.

Versatility Unleashed:
Adapt Coir-Peat to your gardening needs. Whether customising potting mixes, tending to flower beds, or exploring specialised applications like reptile tanks and hydroponics, this growing medium is your versatile ally.

User-Friendly Elegance:
Enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience with Brunnings Coir-Peat Brick. Simply hydrate the brick, and it expands to provide lightweight, nutrient-rich coir. Its user-friendly nature makes it an ideal choice for gardeners of all levels.

Generous Yields:
Make the most of your gardening investment with Brunnings Coir-Peat Brick, which expands to an impressive 9 litres when hydrated. This ensures a bountiful supply of lightweight, nutrient-rich coir for your plants.

In summary, Brunnings Coir-Peat Brick is more than a growing medium – it's an organic, sustainable, and effective solution for soil conditioning. Elevate your gardening with this versatile product, and witness the rewards of healthy, thriving plants.
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