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Dectomax Injectable Endectocide - 500mL

When it comes to safeguarding the health and well-being of your cattle, Dectomax Injectable stands out as the high-performance champion of parasite control. It's the trusted choice of Australia's leading cattle producers, designed to combat a range of internal and external parasites, ensuring your herd stays healthy, happy, and productive.

Key Features:
- Complete Parasite Protection: Dectomax Injectable is a versatile solution, effectively tackling a spectrum of parasites including gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, sucking lice, biting lice, cattle ticks, and mange mites. It provides comprehensive coverage for your cattle's protection.
- Efficiency and Precision: Just like a sports car, Dectomax Injectable is engineered for optimal performance. It precisely targets the source of the problem, ensuring minimal product wastage and consistent dosing. This precision guarantees that parasites have nowhere to hide, keeping your herd safe.
- Minimized Discomfort: Dectomax Injectable has been specially formulated to reduce pain and tissue reaction, making it as gentle as possible on your cattle. Ease of use ensures stress-free application for both animals and operators.
- Long-Lasting Effectiveness: Dectomax Injectable doesn't just treat the surface; it gets right to where it's needed most and continues to protect for an extended duration.

Recommendations for Use:

Dectomax Injectable is approved for:
- The treatment and control of internal and external parasites in beef cattle, including pregnant cows, newborn calves, and bulls.
- Control of harmful species of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, sucking lice, biting lice, cattle ticks, and mange mites.

For optimal results, we recommend consulting your veterinarian for guidance on diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism.

Dectomax Injectable effectively targets a range of parasites, including:
Gastrointestinal roundworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae)
- Ostertagia ostertagi
- Haemonchus placei
- Trichostrongylus axei
- T. colubriformis
- T. longispicularis (Adults only)
- Cooperia oncophora
- Cooperia spp.
- Bunostomum phlebotomum (Hook worm)
- Oesophagostomum radiatum
- Toxocara vitulorum (Adults only)
Lungworms (adults and immature)
- Dictyocaulus viviparus
Sucking lice
- Haematopinus eurysternus
- Linognathus vituli
- Solenopotes capillatus
Biting lice (Effective as an aid in control)
- Bovicola bovis
Mange mites
- Psoroptes bovis
- Sarcoptes scabiei var bovis (Not present in Australia)

Choose Dectomax Injectable Endectocide for a comprehensive and reliable solution to cattle parasite control. Protect your investment, ensure animal welfare, and maintain the health of your herd. With Dectomax, your cattle are in safe hands.
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