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Diatomaceous Earth - 1kg

Diatomaceous Earth (Diatomite) is a natural, versatile, and eco-friendly solution for your gardening and agricultural needs. Derived from the fossilised remains of diatoms, tiny aquatic organisms, this remarkable substance is gaining widespread recognition for its myriad benefits.

Chemical-Free Pest Control:
Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a natural approach to insect control. Diatomaceous earth is renowned for its effectiveness in managing garden pests without compromising your commitment to chemical-free gardening. Simply apply it liberally around your plants to control slugs, snails, and other chewing insects.

Agricultural Marvel:
Take your agricultural practices to the next level with the inclusion of diatomaceous earth. It has long been used as an additive to ammonium nitrate fertilisers, preventing caking and ensuring even spreading. As a carrier for various agricultural products, especially fertilisers, it enhances their performance and efficiency.

Animal Health Benefits:
Extend the benefits of diatomaceous earth beyond the garden and into your livestock care routine. Add it to stock food or rub it into animal fur to potentially contribute to the overall health of your animals. Experience the natural advantages of this versatile substance in promoting animal well-being.

Safe and Easy to Use:
Diatomaceous earth is user-friendly and safe for both plants and animals. Its fine texture makes it easy to apply around your garden, while its non-toxic nature ensures the well-being of your pets, livestock and harvest.

Incorporate the power of diatomaceous earth into your gardening and agricultural practices, and witness the transformative impact of this natural wonder. Embrace a holistic and sustainable approach to pest control, fertilisation, and animal care with Diatomaceous Earth.
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