DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)
DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)
DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)
Load image into Gallery viewer, DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)
Load image into Gallery viewer, DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)
Load image into Gallery viewer, DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)

DUCK MASH 18% 20KG (B4)

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Complete Duck Mash - 20kg

The ultimate solution for optimal duck growth from hatching to slaughter. Specially formulated as a coarse mash, this feed provides a comprehensive array of essential nutrients necessary for the healthy development of your ducks.

Riverina's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of production, adhering to strict quality control standards for both incoming raw materials and the finished product. This product is formulated using a diverse range of high-quality raw materials.

The key ingredients in Duck Mash include wheat, maize, sorghum, bran, and pollard, creating a balanced blend alongside protein-rich meals such as pulses, cottonseed meal, soybean meal, canola meal, sunflower meal, blood meal, and meat meal. To further enhance nutritional value, Riverina has incorporated vegetable oil, limestone, salt, choline chloride, amino acids, a mold inhibitor, and Riverina vitamin & mineral premix.

Seasonal changes in base raw materials are taken into account to maintain the consistency and effectiveness of the product throughout the year. This adaptability ensures that your ducks receive the best nutrition, regardless of the season.

Duck Mash stands out as a hassle-free feeding solution. It is designed to be a complete feed, eliminating the need for supplementary feeding. Ducks should have unlimited access to the feed, and the use of a self-feeder is highly recommended. To optimise feeding conditions, place the feeder in an elevated position to prevent ducklings from soiling the feed. Regularly replacing any soiled feed is essential to maintain freshness and palatability.

Invest in the health and growth of your ducks with Complete Duck Grower Mash – a product crafted with precision, backed by research, and designed for convenience. Your ducks deserve the best, and it delivers excellence with every bite.
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