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Avigrain - Dun Peas - Per Kg

A sought-after ingredient in a variety of bird seed mixes. Recognised for their nutritional excellence, these peas bring a unique blend of essential amino acids to enhance the well-being of your feathered companions.

Amino Acid Richness: Dun Peas are distinguished for their high levels of essential amino acids, particularly lysine and tryptophan. These crucial amino acids, often deficient in typical cereal grains, make Dun Peas an invaluable addition to bird diets.

Protein Powerhouse: With elevated levels of lysine and tryptophan, Dun Peas serve as a potent protein supplement, addressing the low protein content commonly found in food and feed processed from cereal grains. This makes them an ideal choice for supplementing the nutritional needs of various bird species.

Livestock Protein Concentrate: Beyond avian companionship, Dun Peas are widely used as protein concentrates for livestock. Their rich amino acid profile contributes to the health and growth of livestock, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients required for optimal development.

Pigeon Feeding Excellence: Embraced by pigeon enthusiasts, Dun Peas have become a staple in pigeon feeds. Their nutritional value and palatability make them a preferred choice for ensuring pigeons receive a well-rounded and protein-rich diet.

Seed Mix Enhancement: Sprinkle Dun Peas generously into bird seed mixes to elevate the nutritional content and add variety to your feathered friends' diet.

Livestock Nutrition: Incorporate Dun Peas into livestock feed to provide a reliable source of essential amino acids, promoting overall health and robust growth.

Elevate your birds' dietary experience with our premium Dun Peas, the preferred choice for bird owners and livestock enthusiasts seeking top-tier nutrition. Ensure your feathered and four-legged friends receive the exceptional benefits of Dun Peas for sustained health and vitality.
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