ECO 88 (H21)
ECO 88 (H21)
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ECO 88 (H21)

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Eco88s Granular Fertiliser

The secret to lush, vibrant gardens and lawns bursting with life. Engineered with a meticulous blend of organic and inorganic components, Eco88s is the gold standard in balanced fertilisers, offering both rapid growth and enduring beauty.

Originally crafted with a focus on turf health, Eco88s has since garnered acclaim as a versatile garden staple. Its unique formula, enriched with essential nutrients and bolstered by added iron, ensures unparalleled results across your entire outdoor oasis.

At the heart of Eco88s lies a foundation of poultry manure, meticulously aerobically composted to eliminate pathogens while nurturing a thriving community of beneficial microorganisms. This eco-friendly base sets the stage for robust plant growth, ensuring your garden flourishes with vitality.

Crafted for efficiency, Eco88s harnesses the power of granulated sulphate of ammonia for swift nitrogen delivery, providing your plants with the fuel they need to thrive. Meanwhile, granulated DAP (di-ammonium sulphate) works in harmony with sulphate of potash to maintain a healthy, balanced soil environment without the environmental drawbacks of muriate-based alternatives.

But what truly sets Eco88s apart is its inclusion of granular iron, a key player in chlorophyll production. This essential nutrient not only yields lush, emerald-green lawns but also enhances the vibrancy of your flowers, particularly roses and hibiscus, for a garden that's as breathtaking as it is bountiful.

Eco88s doesn't just stop at premium ingredients — it's engineered for ease of use and maximum effectiveness. Each granule undergoes a gentle drying process to preserve its integrity and support beneficial microorganisms, ensuring optimal breakdown and absorption after watering. Plus, its uniform size and granular form make application a breeze, whether by hand or with a spreader, while meticulous sieving minimizes dust for a clean, hassle-free experience.

Transform your garden into a thriving paradise with Eco88s Granular Fertiliser — the ultimate blend of performance and sustainability.
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