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Flower's Gold - 2kg

The superior daily vitamin and mineral supplement designed to elevate your horse's health and well-being. Crafted with care and precision, Flower's Gold is an all-in-one feed supplement that stands apart from the rest.

Premium Ingredients, No Hidden Additives:
Wattlelane Stables are committed to transparency and quality. This formula contains absolutely no hidden sugars or fillers, and most notably, no added iron. We all believe in providing your horse with only the finest, purest ingredients for optimal health.

Bioavailable Nutrients:
Flower’s Gold sets the standard by utilising premium vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable forms. Prioritising the use of chelated and organic minerals whenever possible. Each nutrient is carefully balanced with its co-dependent counterpart, ensuring maximum absorption and utilisation.

Comprehensive Health Benefits:
Flower’s Gold is meticulously formulated to supply essential nutrients in adequate levels, promoting the integrity and healthy condition of your horse's skin, coat, and hooves. Our supplement also supports normal growth processes, including the health of bones and cartilage development. Additionally, Flower’s Gold plays a crucial role in maintaining normal healthy joints, nervous system function, amino acids for protein synthesis, and the regulation of glucose metabolism. The inclusion of antioxidants further enhances overall health and vitality.

Safe for All Horses:
Flower’s Gold is a safe and reliable choice for horses in all stages of life and activity. Whether you have a leisurely companion, a high-performance athlete, a breeding mare or stallion, or a growing foal, Flower’s Gold is the ideal supplement to support their unique needs.

See the Difference:
Make the change to Flower’s Gold and witness the positive transformation in your horse's well-being. Elevate their health, enhance their vitality, and ensure they receive the best care with Flower’s Gold – the superior daily vitamin and mineral supplement for horses. Choose Flower’s Gold for a healthier, happier equine companion.
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