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Gamebird Maintenance - Micro Pellets - 20kg

The perfect solution for maintaining the health and vitality of your adult game birds and poultry. Crafted with precision and care, these medium-density pellets are designed to support optimal condition without the risk of excessive weight gain.

Tailored to meet the nutritional needs of mature birds, Gamebird Maintenance Micro Pellets are suitable for a variety of game birds and poultry that are not in production or do not require a high level of specialised nutrition.

What sets these pellets apart is their micro pellet form, which aids in consumption by smaller birds, ensuring every member of your flock receives the essential nutrients they need for peak health. Balanced with a precise blend of protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals, these pellets promote overall well-being and vitality.

Feeding your birds is made simple with Gamebird Maintenance Micro Pellets. Offer them ad libitum or adjust feeding amounts as needed to suit your specific requirements. Remember to always provide clean, fresh water to keep your birds hydrated and healthy.

It's essential to note that Gamebird Maintenance Micro Pellets are specially formulated for the described species only. This product contains restricted animal material and should not be given to cattle, sheep, goats, deer, or other ruminants.

Delve into the quality ingredients that make up Gamebird Maintenance Micro Pellets. From wheat, triticale, and barley to a carefully selected array of vitamins and minerals, each component plays a crucial role in supporting your birds' well-being. Plus, with essential additives like lysine, methionine, and antioxidants, you can trust that your birds are receiving comprehensive nutrition.

Here's a breakdown of the guaranteed analysis for Gamebird Maintenance MP:

- Protein (min): 15.0%
- Fat (min): 2.0%
- Fibre (max): 10.0%
- Salt (max added): 0.35%

Elevate your bird care routine with Gamebird Maintenance, the premium choice for maintaining health and condition in your adult game birds and poultry.
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