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Garlon 600 Herbicide - 1L

The ultimate solution for effective and efficient control of a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds. With its powerful active ingredient, Triclopyr, Garlon 600 Herbicide is designed to combat tough-to-kill woody weeds and various noxious herbaceous plants, providing a comprehensive and reliable solution for weed management.

Active Ingredient: Triclopyr
Garlon 600 Herbicide is formulated with Triclopyr, a potent herbicide known for its efficacy against a diverse range of broadleaf weeds. This ensures that your vegetation is protected from invasive species, allowing your desirable plants to flourish.

Target Weeds
Garlon 600 Herbicide is specifically registered for the control of woody weeds and melons, such as Camel/Afghan melon and Prickly paddy melon (refer to the label for a comprehensive list). The Directions of Use guide you in achieving optimal results for targeted weed species.

Features and Benefits

- Foliar Spray Option: Garlon 600 Herbicide provides a convenient foliar spray option, making it an ideal choice for challenging-to-manage woody weeds and a variety of herbaceous plants.

- Rapid Action: This herbicide acts swiftly on weed foliage, ensuring quick browning of leaves and stems. Within just three days of application, you'll notice leaf brownout and distortion of stem tips, signaling the effective control of unwanted vegetation.

- Short Residual Life: Garlon 600 Herbicide has a short residual life in the soil, allowing for the prompt planting of sensitive crops and shrubs soon after application. This feature ensures minimal disruption to your planting schedule and provides flexibility in managing your landscape.

Whether you're dealing with persistent woody weeds or challenging broadleaf species, Garlon 600 Herbicide is your trusted partner in achieving effective and rapid weed control. Invest in the superior performance of Garlon 600 Herbicide and reclaim control over your landscape.

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