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Glyphix 450 Herbicide - 20L

Glyphix 450 Herbicide is a cutting-edge non-selective liquid herbicide designed to tackle the toughest challenges posed by both annual and perennial grasses, as well as broadleaf weeds. Whether you're managing crop areas, preparing land, or addressing non-crop areas, Glyphix 450 Herbicide stands as your powerful ally in weed control.

Key Features:

Rapid Action and Plant Absorption:
- Glyphix 450 Herbicide ensures swift action against unwanted vegetation. Upon contact, it is readily absorbed by plant foliage and green stems, swiftly moving through the plant from point of contact to the root system.

Visible Effects:
- Witness the gradual transformation of treated plants with Glyphix 450 Herbicide. Experience the initial yellowing and wilting of the plant, which progresses to complete browning of growth above the ground and deterioration of underground plant parts.

Versatility in Weed Control:
- With its versatility, Glyphix 450 Herbicide offers visible effects in as little as 3 to 7 days for annual weeds. Perennial weeds may take 2 to 3 weeks or longer, contingent on weather conditions following spraying.

No Residual Weed Control:
- Glyphix 450 Herbicide is inactivated upon contact with the soil, ensuring it does not provide residual weed control. This feature allows for effective and targeted weed management without lingering effects.

No Withholding Period:
- Glyphix 450 Herbicide eliminates the need for a withholding period, providing you with the flexibility to proceed with your regular activities without delay.

Livestock Considerations:
- While Glyphix 450 Herbicide offers unparalleled weed control, it's essential to consider livestock management. Grazing of treated areas should be delayed at least one day after treatment for annual weeds and seven days for perennial weeds to ensure optimal herbicide absorption.

Caution with Known Toxic Plants:
- Certain plants, such as soursob and variegated thistle, are naturally toxic to stock. Exercise caution and refrain from allowing stock to graze until complete browning of treated plants has occurred, especially in areas where known toxic plants are present.

In conclusion, Glyphix 450 Herbicide is not just a weed control solution; it's a comprehensive approach to managing your vegetation challenges. Experience the efficiency, reliability, and flexibility that Glyphix 450 Herbicide brings to your weed control strategy. Say goodbye to unwanted growth and hello to a thriving, well-maintained landscape.
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