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FertPro - Grazier King Fertiliser – 25kg

A cutting-edge blend of organic minerals and synthetic compounds, enriched with a potent nutrient activator and soil catalyst. This meticulously crafted formula establishes a harmonious balance of natural minerals, guaranteeing that the soil's nutrient bank is not just complete but optimised for the vibrant growth of crops.

What sets Grazier King apart is its holistic approach to soil enrichment. Natural carbons and humic acids, integral components of this fertiliser, provide essential energy to crops while simultaneously enhancing nutrient holding capacity. This dual-action feature ensures that your crops not only receive the nutrients they need but also retain them efficiently, promoting sustained and healthy growth throughout their lifecycle.

Grazier King is a game-changer for environmentally conscious farmers, as the synergistic effect of minerals, soluble nutrients, and organic carbon often allows for a reduction in the reliance on salt-based fertilisers. This not only benefits your crops but also contributes to more sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.

For optimal results, Grazier King is best applied through broadcast or direct drill methods, utilising horticultural spinner spreaders, belt spreaders, or small walk-behind applicators. This adaptability ensures that Grazier King seamlessly integrates into your existing farming practices, making it a versatile and practical choice for farmers of all scales.

Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen: 23.424%
Phosphorus: 2.043%
Potassium: 11.073%
Sulphur: 5.064%
Carbon: 10.387%
Calcium: 3.558%
Magnesium: 0.173%
Copper: 27.44mg/kg
Zinc: 337.614mg/kg
Manganese: 382.85mg/kg
Iron: 411.156mg/kg
Boron: 143.47mg/kg
Molybdenum: 0.0066mg/kg
Cobalt: 2.82mg/kg
Silica: 102.836mg/kg

Elevate your farming practices with Grazier King Fertiliser – where science meets sustainability, and your crops flourish with unmatched vitality.
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