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Haloxyfop 520 Herbicide - 5L

A potent solution for post-emergent control of a diverse spectrum of annual and perennial grass weeds. With an active constituent of 520g/L Haloxyfop, present as the haloxyfop-P methyl ester, this herbicide delivers unparalleled efficacy across various agricultural landscapes.

Key Features:

Powerful Active Constituent: Boasting a robust formulation with 520g/L Haloxyfop in the form of haloxyfop-P methyl ester, this herbicide ensures a concentrated and effective solution for combating grass weeds.

Versatile Weed Control: Designed for post-emergent control, Haloxyfop 520 Herbicide proves invaluable across a wide range of crops, including grain legume and oilseed crops, lucerne, medic and clover pasture and seed crops, forestry, bananas, citrus, grapes, pineapples, pome and stone fruit, pyrethrum, tropical fruit, and nut crops.

Precision in Application: The Directions for Use guide you through the precise application of this herbicide, ensuring optimal results. Whether you're managing winter crops like canola, chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, lentils, linola, linseed, lupins, vetch, medic, and clover pastures, or addressing summer crops such as cotton, cowpea, mung bean, navy beans, peanuts, soybeans, and sunflowers, this herbicide provides targeted post-emergent control.

Wide Range of Agricultural Applications: Ideal for use in forestry, orchards, vineyards, plantations, and specialised crops like pyrethrum, Haloxyfop 520 Herbicide offers a comprehensive solution for farmers and agricultural professionals.

User-Friendly Formulation: The herbicide is formulated for ease of use, allowing for efficient mixing and application. Its liquid form ensures convenient handling while maintaining its efficacy in the field.

Empower your weed control strategy with the precision and reliability of Haloxyfop 520 Herbicide. With a focus on effective post-emergent control and a commitment to diverse agricultural applications, this herbicide is your trusted ally in promoting crop health and maximising yields. Refer to the Directions for Use for tailored application guidelines in your specific crop or pasture.
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