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iO Antiseptic Iodine Spray – 500mL

Your reliable companion in promoting hygiene and supporting wound care. Specially formulated for pre-operative skin and hand sanitisation, as well as the cleansing and treatment of burns, this product is a must-have for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Potent Formula:
Boasting an active constituent of 10g/L Available Iodine, iO Antiseptic Iodine Spray ensures a powerful and effective antiseptic solution. This concentration is designed to provide optimal skin disinfection, making it an ideal choice for pre-surgical preparations and wound care.

Non-Toxic Composition:
What sets iO apart is its commitment to environmental responsibility. Unlike some competitors, iO Antiseptic Iodine Spray is free from nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). NPEs, commonly found in similar products, are known to pose a significant threat to wildlife, especially native aquatic life. By choosing iO, you are not only prioritising your health but also contributing to the well-being of our ecosystems.

Australian Quality:
Trust in the quality and reliability of a product made in Australia. iO Antiseptic Iodine Spray is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that you receive a product that meets stringent quality control measures. Feel confident knowing that you are using a product crafted with care and expertise.

Versatile Application:
Whether you're a healthcare professional, veterinarian, first responder, or simply someone who prioritises personal hygiene, iO Antiseptic Iodine Spray is a versatile solution. Use it to sanitise hands and skin before medical procedures or surgeries, and rely on its powerful antiseptic properties for wound cleansing and burn treatment.

Convenient Spray Form:
The convenient spray form of iO Antiseptic Iodine makes application a breeze. The easy-to-use spray bottle ensures that you can apply the antiseptic precisely where it's needed without any mess or waste.

Choose iO Antiseptic Iodine Spray for a superior antiseptic solution that not only cares for your health but also respects the delicate balance of our environment. Prioritise safety, quality, and sustainability with iO – your trusted partner in antiseptic care.
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