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Kool Glow - 20kg

The premium intestinal metabolic supplement that goes beyond ordinary equine nutrition to provide your horse with optimal hindgut health, strong hooves, and a stunningly shiny coat. Engineered as the next generation in equine intestinal metabolic health, Kool Glow stands out with its unique formulation, combining pre and probiotics, balanced bioavailable vitamins, and minerals to create a comprehensive solution for your horse's well-being.

Key Features:

1. Complete Gut Health:
Kool Glow is fortified with a patented hindgut-specific probiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. This not only aids in the synthesis of B Group vitamins but also facilitates the breakdown of minerals for enhanced absorption and utilisation. Proven to reduce stress in horses, Kool Glow is a holistic approach to promoting overall equine wellness.

2. Hoof Strength and Integrity:
Witness noticeable hoof improvement in just a few months! The primary component of hooves, Keratin, is vital for their strength. Kool Glow facilitates the production of high levels of Keratin and delivers key nutrients such as Biotin to support and maintain hoof integrity. Strengthen your horse's hooves from the inside out.

3. Lustrous Coat:
Experience the transformative effects on your horse's coat in just 21 days! Kool Glow's balanced vitamins and minerals create an optimal hindgut environment, resulting in a mirror-like, gleaming coat. Watch as your horse radiates health from the inside out.

4. Affordability:
Feed your horse affordably with just 200g per meal, or 100g in the morning and evening. Kool Glow ensures that providing top-notch nutrition to your horse doesn't break the bank.

5. Competition Friendly:
Enjoy peace of mind during competitions as Kool Glow is 100% NON SWABBABLE. Compete confidently, knowing that your horse is fueled by a safe and compliant supplement.

6. Non-Toxic for Continuous Feeding:
Relax and feed Kool Glow continuously without concerns. This non-toxic supplement is designed for long-term use, providing consistent benefits without any worries about toxicity.

Choose Kool Glow for a revolutionary approach to equine nutrition, delivering essential nutrients in highly available forms for maximum cellular impact. Enhance your horse's well-being, performance, and appearance with the unmatched benefits of Kool Glow, the pinnacle of healthy equine living.
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