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Northside Produce Coarse Layer Mash – Per Kg

The premium choice for poultry nutrition. Specially formulated with a blend of wholesome ingredients, this feed is designed to meet the unique dietary needs of laying hens, ensuring optimal health and maximum egg production.

Key Ingredients:
- Sorghum: Packed with essential nutrients, sorghum provides a hearty source of energy for your layers, promoting overall vitality and well-being.
- Wheat: A rich source of carbohydrates, wheat contributes to sustained energy levels, supporting the daily activities of your hens while aiding in the development of strong, healthy eggs.
- Cracked Corn: Delight your feathered friends with the inclusion of cracked corn, a flavorful and nutritious component that adds variety to their diet.
- Grey Sunflower Seeds: Enhance the nutritional profile with grey sunflower seeds, which provide essential fats, proteins, and vitamins, contributing to feather health and a glossy plumage.
- Laying Pellets: Carefully formulated laying pellets ensure a balanced blend of essential minerals and vitamins, promoting robust eggshell formation and supporting the overall reproductive health of your hens.

Quality Assurance:
Rest easy knowing that Northside Produce Layer Mash is crafted with your poultry's well-being in mind. This feed does not contain any restricted animal material, offering a clean and safe dietary option for your layers. Additionally, our commitment to transparency means that our layer mash is free from genetically modified grains, providing you with peace of mind about the source and quality of the ingredients.

- Promotes Optimal Egg Production: The thoughtfully selected blend of ingredients supports high-quality egg production, ensuring your hens lay strong and nutritious eggs.
- Wholesome and Varied Nutrition: Give your layers the diverse nutrients they need for overall health and vitality, with a mix of grains and seeds carefully chosen for their nutritional value.
- No GMO Grains: We understand the importance of knowing what goes into your poultry's diet. Our layer mash is free from genetically modified grains, offering a natural and wholesome option for your flock.

Make Northside Produce Layer Mash a staple in your poultry care routine – because happy, healthy hens lay the best eggs. Elevate your flock's nutrition with a feed that's as exceptional as your feathered companions.
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