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Red Label Layer Pellets - Per Kg

Enhance Your Flock's Well-Being with Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets: A Complete Feed for Peak Performance

Experience the epitome of nutrition for your domestic laying hens with Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets, a thoughtfully crafted and balanced feed designed to support your feathered companions from the point of lay onwards.

Key Ingredients:
A carefully selected blend of premium ingredients includes wheat, barley, sorghum, maize, bran & pollard, protein meals, vegetable oil, dicalcium phosphate, limestone, mould inhibitor, molasses, salt, bentonite, and the essential Riverina vitamin & mineral premix. Please note that base raw materials may gradually change seasonally, ensuring a dynamic and responsive formulation.

Directions for Optimal Use:
Ensure your domestic laying hens have unlimited access to Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets (ad lib). Feed intakes typically range from 90 to 200 grams per bird per day, with variations based on factors such as season, bird variety, lighting, shed conditions, disease status, and other environmental factors. While green feed and vegetable scraps can be offered for variety, it should only constitute a small portion of the diet to maintain optimal egg production. Avoid feeding any mouldy feed. Always provide clean, cool, fresh water for your hens.

Nutritional Highlights:

Balanced Calcium & Phosphorus:
- Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets boast a meticulously balanced blend of calcium and phosphorus, promoting superior shell quality for your hens.

Quality Grain and Protein Meals:
- This feed contains top-notch grain and protein meals, ensuring a nutrient-rich diet that supports overall health and egg production.

Manufactured to Strict Quality Control Standards:
- Crafted with precision, Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets adhere to strict quality control standards for incoming raw materials and the finished product. This commitment ensures the consistency and excellence of every pellet.

Formulated According to Poultry Nutrition Research:
- The formulation aligns with the latest research in poultry nutrition, combining a variety of high-quality raw materials to meet the evolving needs of your laying hens.

End of Lay Period Considerations:
As hens approach the end of the lay period, shell quality may decline. Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets offers a solution with the recommendation of ad lib Calgrit (coarse limestone) or shellgrit to enhance shell quality during this phase.

Withholding Period:
Rest easy knowing there is no withholding period for Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets, allowing you to enjoy fresh, healthy eggs from your flock without any delay.

Nourish your feathered friends with the best in poultry nutrition – choose Riverina Red Label Layer Pellets for a flock that thrives.
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