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Oakwood Leather Oil - 500mL

Your trusted companion for maintaining the longevity and beauty of your leather saddles, tack, and accessories. Crafted with precision and care, this specialised leather oil is designed to soften, restore, and nourish both new and aged saddlery leather.

Key Features:

Revitalise Old Leather: Oakwood Leather Oil is expertly formulated to breathe new life into worn-out saddlery leather. It effectively softens, restores, and nourishes old and dry leather, ensuring that your cherished saddles, bridles, and harness gear maintain their original lustre.

Prevent Drying and Deterioration: Say goodbye to the worries of leather drying and deterioration. This product acts as a protective shield, keeping your saddlery items soft, pliable, and resistant to the harsh effects of time. Regular use will prevent further damage, allowing you to enjoy your leather gear for years to come.

Ideal for New Leather: Whether you're breaking in a new saddle or looking to enhance the suppleness of fresh leather accessories, Oakwood Leather Oil is the perfect solution. Its unique blend ensures that new leather becomes not just functional but also luxuriously supple.

Natural Ingredients: Oakwood takes pride in using only the finest natural ingredients. This leather oil blends premium neatsfoot oil and lanolin with other high-quality leather conditioning oils, providing a nourishing and protective treatment for your valuable gear.

Convenient Spray Bottle: The spray bottle design ensures easy and precise application. Simply spray the desired amount onto the leather surface, allowing for even coverage and efficient absorption.

Quality Assurance: Oakwood is a trusted name in leather care, and this product is no exception. Using Oakwood’s leather care products guarantees that all your leather gear will be kept in top-notch condition, exuding quality and durability.

Elevate your leather care routine with Oakwood Leather Oil – a reliable choice for riders, enthusiasts, and anyone who values the enduring beauty of their leather saddles and accessories. Treat your leather gear to the care it deserves with Oakwood's commitment to excellence.
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