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Nutromaxx - 1kg

Revolutionising Plant and Soil Health for Maximum Yield and Resource Efficiency

Unlock the full potential of your crops with Nutromaxx, a world-class, 100% natural microbial concentrate meticulously crafted to elevate plant and soil health. This cutting-edge formula, featuring five strains, is designed to enhance nutrient mobilisation, leading to unparalleled improvements in yield, cost efficiency, and overall crop vitality.

Key Benefits:

Greater Yield:
- Nutromaxx takes your harvest to the next level by promoting a raised level of nutrient storage within plant tissues. This advancement translates to remarkable gains in floral induction, fruit-set, and harvest – with reported increases ranging from 10% to an impressive 48%.

Lower Costs:
- Experience resource economy like never before. Nutromaxx ensures an astounding 97% effective nutrient uptake directly to dry tissue, allowing for a reduction in fertiliser application by up to 25%. This not only saves you money but also contributes to sustainable farming practices.

Microbial Diversity:
- Nutromaxx is a world-class 5-strain concentrate, with a density of 3.25 x 10^8 microbial cells in 1 cm^3. This unique blend includes Kocuria, Bacillus spp., Azospirillum, and Arthrobacter – a winning combination for plant and soil optimisation.

Understanding the Success Formula:

Nitrogen Fixation:
- Arthrobacter & Azospirillum work synergistically in soils with moderate nitrogen fertilisers, promoting efficient nitrogen fixation.
Phytohormone Production:
- Azospirillum contributes to auxin-like phytohormone production (IAA), promoting germination, increased growth rates of seedlings, root formation, and enhanced nutrient uptake.

Phosphate & Potassium Mobilisation:
- Bacillus spp. and Arthrobacter play crucial roles in mobilising phosphate and potassium, enhancing nutrient availability to plants.
Siderophore Production:
- Arthrobacter mobilizes iron, inhibiting pathogen replication and ensuring optimal plant health.

EPS (Exopolysaccharides):
- Kocuria and Arthrobacter form a protective capsule, heightening drought resistance by creating a film around soil aggregates, bacteria, and plant roots.

Plant Growth Promotion:
- Arthrobacter, a plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPR), enhances natural defense mechanisms, producing organic compounds that counter fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Natural Defense Mechanisms:
- Nutromaxx elevates plant growth and stimulates the production of bioflavonoids, carotenoids, tannins, and terpenoids. These compounds act as "Antifeedants," inhibiting attacks by insects and promoting plant longevity.

Incorporate Nutromaxx into your farming practices and witness a paradigm shift in plant and soil health. Elevate your yield, reduce costs, and embrace sustainable agriculture with Nutromaxx – the natural choice for extraordinary results.
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