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Oaten Chaff – 25kg

A natural and nutritious feed option derived from the chaffed stubble or hay portion of the finest oat crops. Carefully processed through chaffing, this Oaten Chaff boasts a fibrous flake, providing a high-quality dietary solution for your animals.

Premium Quality: Our Oaten Chaff is made from the best oat crops, ensuring a consistent and premium quality product. The chaffing process results in finely cut flakes, making it an ideal choice for horses, stud cattle, and even breeding pigs.

Nutrient-Rich: Oaten Chaff is a powerhouse of nutrients, offering essential vitamins, minerals, and fibres. It serves as a wholesome addition to your animals' diet, promoting overall health, vitality, and optimal performance.

Versatile Usage: Widely recognised and trusted in the equine and stud cattle industries, Oaten Chaff is a versatile feed option. It's an excellent choice for horse and cattle rations, and can also be included in diets for breeding pigs to provide a valuable source of fibre.

Digestibility: The fibrous nature of Oaten Chaff aids in promoting healthy digestion in animals. It supports gut health and can be easily integrated into existing feeding programs.

Cost-Effective for Certain Diets: While Oaten Chaff is a staple in horse and stud cattle rations, it can also be considered for feedlot rations on occasion. Although cost factors may limit its inclusion in large-scale feedlot rations, its nutritional benefits make it a worthwhile investment for specific dietary requirements.

Breeding Pig Diets: Oaten Chaff serves as an excellent source of fibre for breeding pigs. Only a small percentage is required in their diets to enhance digestive health and contribute to overall well-being.

Convenient Packaging: Our Oaten Chaff is conveniently packaged to ensure easy handling and storage. The packaging preserves freshness, allowing you to provide your animals with a consistent and high-quality feed.

Choose our Oaten Chaff to elevate your animals' nutrition and well-being. Whether you're caring for horses, sheep, cattle, or breeding pigs, this premium Oaten Chaff is the smart choice for a well-rounded and nutritious diet. Order today and witness the positive impact on your animals' health and performance!
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