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ProfeLAC Gold - 20kg

The superior choice in medicated calf milk replacers, available in a convenient 20kg bag. Specifically formulated to meet the essential needs of calves, ProfeLAC Gold consistently performs in a variety of calf rearing systems. Whether in intensive calf rearing operations, saleyard settings, or busy calf sheds, ProfeLAC Gold shines under pressure, providing a reliable solution where the risk of disease is high. Suitable for rearing all dairy and beef breeds, ProfeLAC Gold sets the standard for the start of lifetime performance.

Key Features:

- Medicated Formula: ProfeLAC Gold stands out as a medicated calf milk replacer, offering targeted support to prevent and control coccidiosis. This ensures a higher level of disease resistance, particularly in environments where the risk of infection is elevated.

- Formulated for All Calf Rearing Systems: Whether you operate intensive calf rearing operations, manage saleyard calves, or oversee busy calf sheds, ProfeLAC Gold is designed to consistently perform in diverse settings. Its versatility makes it a trusted choice across a spectrum of calf rearing environments.

- Suitable for All Breeds: ProfeLAC Gold is crafted to meet the specific nutritional needs of both dairy and beef breeds. This inclusive formulation ensures that calves, regardless of their breed, receive the optimal start for a lifetime of performance and growth.

Key Benefits:

- Easy Application: ProfeLAC Gold is easy to mix, offering a convenient all-in-one product. This user-friendly feature streamlines the feeding process, saving time and effort for busy farmers and caregivers.

- Performance Excellence: The medicated formula of ProfeLAC Gold provides multiple benefits. It not only prevents and controls coccidiosis but also improves gut health, reducing the incidence of scours. Furthermore, the formulation enhances calf condition and growth rates, promoting overall health and vitality.

- Best Value: ProfeLAC Gold offers the best value in terms of composition and performance. The benefits it provides make it a cost-effective choice for farmers seeking optimal results in calf rearing.

Elevate your calf rearing practices with ProfeLAC Gold. Backed by a medicated formula, versatile performance, and a commitment to value, ProfeLAC Gold sets a new standard in calf milk replacers. Ensure the health, growth, and disease resistance of your calves with a product designed to meet the demands of modern calf rearing systems. Choose ProfeLAC Gold for a confident start to a lifetime of performance.
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