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Rapigel - Muscle and Joint Relieving Gel - 250g

Discover the power of Rapigel, a clear gel formulated to provide soothing relief for horses and dogs. This innovative solution delivers a cooling effect akin to an icepack, making it a go-to for muscle and joint discomfort.

Key Benefits:

- Clean, Convenient Cold Therapy: Say goodbye to messy applications. Rapigel offers a clean and hassle-free approach to relieving pain and muscle soreness.
- Reduces Inflammation and Swelling: The dynamic combination of menthol and camphor gently eases inflammation, making it an excellent choice for acute and chronic joint and tendon injuries.
- Prevent Exercise-Induced Injuries: Use Rapigel before exercise to aid in warming up, helping to minimize the risk of exercise-induced injuries.
- Aids Post-Exercise Recovery: After intense exercise or overexertion, Rapigel steps in to support your companion's recovery process.
- Enhances Circulation: By increasing blood flow, Rapigel promotes the healing process, contributing to the repair of joint and tendon injuries.
- Mimics the Effects of an Ice Pack: Experience the benefits of cold therapy without the need for icepacks. Rapigel provides a similar cooling effect for targeted relief.
- Mild Anti-Inflammatory Effect: Menthol and camphor work in harmony to provide a mild anti-inflammatory effect, further aiding in pain relief.
- Residue-Free Formula: Enjoy a clear gel formula that leaves no sticky residue, ensuring a comfortable application experience for both you and your cherished companion.

Elevate your pet's comfort and well-being with Virbac Rapigel - the trusted choice for muscle and joint relief.
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