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Reefsaver Microbial Fertiliser - 20g

Transform your garden into a thriving oasis with Reefsaver – A World Class Microbial Fertiliser designed to elevate plant and soil health for a truly flourishing landscape.

Key Features:

Australian Empowerment:
- Reefsaver, with its 100% natural Aussie Organic formulation, introduces a world-class 5-strain microbial concentrate (3.25 x 10^8 pcs. in 1 cm^3) to your gardens. Applied as a powder in solution to the root-zone of all plants, Reefsaver empowers your garden with a microbiological boost for enhanced health and performance.

Nutrient Access for All Plants:
- Reefsaver immediately grants nutrient access to all plants, fostering an environment where they can thrive and flourish.

Superior Nutrient Uptake:
- Achieve an exceptional 97% effective nutrient uptake with Reefsaver's organic formulation. The talented microbial critters not only nourish your plants but also provide atmospheric Nitrogen (100kg/ha/pa) right from day one.

Microbial World Magic:
- Dive into the micro-world within Reefsaver, where it promotes the organic development of humus and mulch. This microbial wonder forms a drought-proof membrane around soil particles, organisms, and the root system, ensuring sustained hydration.

Environmental Responsibility:
- Reefsaver's efficient NPK uptake prevents synthetic wash, reducing environmental impact on waterways and our precious reefs. By choosing Reefsaver, you actively lower your ecological footprint while revitalising your garden.

Holistic Garden Revitalisation:
- From pot plants to tired turf and stressed street trees, Reefsaver works as nature's holistic solution. It elevates your lawn, vines, shrubs, screen plantings, flowers, and vegetable beds into a realm of abundance.

Sustainable Gardening:
- Opt for Reefsaver and embrace sustainable gardening practices. With its nutrient-rich formula, you not only promote the health of your garden but also contribute to the preservation of the Australian environment.

Experience the transformative power of Reefsaver as it turns your garden into a vibrant haven. Choose nature's holistic solution and witness the abundance that Reefsaver brings to your plants, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable, and thriving landscape.
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