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Hygain Safeguard EQ - 3.9kg

The advanced pelleted mycotoxin binder designed to safeguard the health and performance of all equines. Mycotoxins, naturally occurring toxins produced by moulds, pose a constant threat to your horse's well-being, leading to various health and performance issues. With Safeguard EQ, you can proactively address this challenge by providing your horse with a powerful and effective solution.

Formulated as a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder, Safeguard EQ is meticulously crafted to facilitate the rapid and efficient absorption of mycotoxins, minimising the potential negative impacts on your horse's health. This innovative pelleted formula acts as a protective shield against mycotoxins, ensuring that they are bound and safely eliminated from the digestive tract, ultimately exiting with the manure.

The unique composition of Safeguard EQ offers a comprehensive defense against mycotoxin-related problems, allowing your equine companion to thrive and perform at its best. Given the inherent difficulty in predicting the occurrence of mycotoxins in your horse's diet, it is strongly recommended to incorporate a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder like Safeguard EQ into their daily regimen.

Choose Hygain Safeguard EQ for its unparalleled ability to support your horse's overall well-being by addressing the unseen threat of mycotoxins. Trust in this cutting-edge pelleted formula to provide your equine partner with the protection it deserves, promoting optimal health and performance for a happier and more active life.
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