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Roban Rodenticide Grain Bait - 1kg

A cutting-edge solution to effectively manage rodent infestations while prioritising safety for non-target species. Roban, powered by Difenacoum, stands out as one of the latest anticoagulants in the Australian market, offering lethal efficacy against rodents while minimising risks to other wildlife.

What sets Roban apart is its remarkable safety profile. With a toxicity level 100 times lower than Brodificoum anticoagulant, this grain bait significantly reduces the threat to dogs. Furthermore, Roban demonstrates a lower incidence of secondary poisoning issues, ensuring a more secure environment for non-target species.

To maximise the effectiveness of Roban Rodenticide Grain Bait, it is crucial to employ bait stations. We strongly recommend that clients utilise these stations and actively monitor bait consumption by target rodents. This approach ensures a targeted and controlled application, optimising the desired outcomes while minimising unintended exposure.

Manufactured proudly in Australia, Roban Rodenticide Grain Bait features a rolled wheat formulation that proves irresistible to rodents. Its specially crafted attraction formula enhances its appeal, making it a powerful tool in rodent control strategies.

Each package of Roban Rodenticide Grain Bait includes dispensing soups and bait cups, facilitating easy and efficient application. This thoughtful design streamlines the process for users, ensuring a hassle-free experience in rodent management.

As with any pest control product, it is imperative to read the label thoroughly before use. Strict adherence to safety directions and application rates, as outlined in the label recommendations, is essential to guarantee optimal results while maintaining a secure environment.

Choose Roban Rodenticide Grain Bait for a potent and safe solution to rodent infestations, designed and manufactured with the highest standards in Australia.
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