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Roban Rodenticide Paste Bait Sachets – 1kg

Your powerful ally in the battle against brown or Norway rats and mice. This ready-to-use rodenticide is specially formulated to control even those resilient rodents that may have developed resistance to other anticoagulants. Designed for use in and around buildings, Roban Rodenticide Paste is your reliable solution to maintaining a rodent-free environment.

Roban presents this formulation designed to effectively manage those resilient to common baits like Brodifacoum, Bromadiolone, and Warfarin. What sets Roban apart is not just its unparalleled efficacy but also its commitment to safety, ensuring a worry-free environment for your beloved pets.

Key Features:

Unprecedented Safety Standards: Roban stands out from traditional rodenticides by prioritising the safety of household pets. With an exceptional safety margin, the LD50 fatal dose for dogs requires an astonishing consumption of their own body weight in Roban baits, while cats would need to ingest twice their body weight. This makes Roban an ideal choice for households with furry friends, ensuring effective rodent control without compromising their well-being.

Minimal Secondary Poisoning Risk: Roban addresses concerns about secondary poisoning with impressively low rates. By minimising the risk to non-target species, Roban ensures responsible and reliable rodent control.

Resilient Rodent Control: Roban is highly effective against brown or Norway rats and mice, including those that have developed resistance to other anticoagulants. Its advanced anticoagulant formula, featuring difenacoum, ensures a potent and reliable solution.

Ready-to-Use Convenience: Forget the hassle of unwrapping individual baits – Roban Rodenticide Paste Bait Sachets come ready to use straight out of the box. No more time-consuming preparations.

Highly Palatable Cereal Base: The rodenticide paste is crafted with a highly palatable cereal base, making it irresistible to rodents. This ensures that the bait is eagerly consumed, increasing its effectiveness in controlling and eliminating rodent infestations.

All-Purpose Rodenticide: Roban Rodenticide Paste is an all-purpose solution suitable for various environments. Whether in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, this versatile rodenticide delivers consistent results.

Roban Rodenticide represents a revolution in rodent control – a safe, effective, and reliable solution that puts the well-being of your pets at the forefront. Choose Roban for a pest-free environment without compromising on safety.
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