Load image into Gallery viewer, ROSE & FLOWER FERTILISER 3KG
Load image into Gallery viewer, ROSE & FLOWER FERTILISER 3KG


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Katek Rose & Flower Fertiliser – 3kg

Your key to cultivating lush, vibrant blooms and ensuring the overall health of your flowering plants. This meticulously crafted formula combines the power of organic composted poultry manure with essential trace elements, providing a nutrient-rich solution that promotes robust growth and dazzling floral displays.

Organic Excellence: This fertiliser is organically based, utilising composted poultry manure to enrich your soil naturally. This ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to plant nutrition, fostering a harmonious balance between your garden and the environment.

Quick & Slow Release Nutrients: Katek Rose & Flower Fertiliser delivers both quick and slow-release nutrients, offering your plants a continuous supply of essential elements for sustained growth and prolonged blooming. This unique blend caters to the immediate needs of your plants while ensuring a lasting impact for seasons to come.

Full Spectrum of Trace Elements: Correct nutrient deficiencies and enhance the conversion from bud to flower with our fertiliser's comprehensive array of trace elements. This not only improves overall plant health but also enhances the vibrancy of foliage, creating a stunning backdrop for your blossoms.

Increased Potassium for Enhanced Flowering: The specialised formula includes an elevated concentration of potassium, specifically designed to boost flowering. This added component ensures that your roses and flowering plants produce larger, more beautiful blooms, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Carbon-Rich Organic Base: The organic base in this fertiliser introduces essential carbon into the soil, fostering a healthy environment for beneficial soil microbiology. This promotes a thriving ecosystem beneath the surface, further contributing to the overall well-being of your plants.

Versatile Application: Katek Rose & Flower Fertiliser is suitable for all flowering plants, shrubs, potted plants, and roses. Whether you're tending to a colourful garden or cultivating a rose oasis, this fertiliser is your go-to solution for promoting lush, healthy growth and breathtaking blossoms.

Elevate your gardening experience with Katek Rose & Flower Fertiliser – the organic, nutrient-rich choice for a blooming paradise right in your backyard!
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