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Salvo 212 Herbicide - 5L

For those seeking a highly effective solution to manage specific grasses in various crops, Salvo 212 Herbicide is your answer. With its active ingredient containing 212 g/L of Fluazifop-P and a focus on spot spraying, Salvo 212 Herbicide is designed to ensure the health and vitality of your crops while effectively tackling troublesome grasses.

Targeted Crops and Weeds:

Salvo 212 Herbicide is the ultimate tool for precision grass control. It is specifically formulated for the following crops:
- Apples
- Broad Beans
- Broccoli
- Brussels sprouts
- Blackcurrants
- Blueberries
- All Cucurbits
- Cabbage
- Cauliflower
- Capsicums
- Carrots
- Celery
- Grapes
- Green Beans
- Hops
- Lucerne
- Lettuce
- Onions
- Pears
- Potted and open-grown ornamental shrubs and trees
- Strawberries
- Stonefruit
- Tomatoes
- Tropical fruit as per label

Weeds Controlled (Spot Spraying):

Salvo 212 Herbicide is designed to effectively combat a range of grassy weeds, ensuring that your crops remain free from unwanted competition. Some of the controlled grassy weeds include:
- Annual (Wimmera) ryegrass
- Barley grass
- Barnyard grass
- Brome grasses
- Crowsfoot grass
- Wild oats
- Perennial grass seedlings, including Bent grass, Couch grass, Green summer grass, Johnson grass, Kikuyu grass, Paspalum
- Established plants of perennial grasses, such as Bent grass, Carpet grass, Couch grass, English couch (Rope twitch), Giant paspalum, Guinea grass, Johnson grass, Kikuyu grass, Para grass, Paspalum, Water couch
- Plants of Bent grass, Carpet grass, Couch grass, English couch (Rope twitch), Johnson grass, Kikuyu grass, Paspalum, Water couch re-established from seed or fragmented stems.

Why Choose Salvo 212 Herbicide?

Salvo 212 Herbicide offers a targeted and efficient approach to grass control in your crops. By focusing on specific grassy weeds, it minimises the impact on your desired plants and helps to optimise your crop yield. Say goodbye to unwanted competition from grassy weeds and choose Salvo 212 Herbicide for precision control and healthier crops.

Take control of your crop's health with Salvo 212 Herbicide, the trusted solution for effective grass management.
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