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Seaweed Meal - 20kg

Your organic solution for enhancing the well-being of a diverse range of animals. Certified by NASAA for organic farming, Seaweed Meal is a feeding supplement crafted exclusively from seaweed, meticulously harvested from pristine and unpolluted waters. This clean, easy-to-handle powder granules contain a wealth of over 50 naturally-balanced trace elements, minerals, and amino acids, including essential vitamins A, B1, and E, copper, cobalt, magnesium, and iron.

Ideal for the complex dietary needs of various animals such as beef and dairy cattle, sheep, dogs, alpacas, pigs, horses, emus, and poultry, Seaweed Meal stands out as a nutritional powerhouse. With its quick absorption within hours sub-clinical issues can be promptly addressed, showcasing noticeable improvements in general health within 3-7 days.

Australian farmers, stock breeders, and equestrians have come to rely on Seaweed Meal to address a spectrum of concerns, including reducing body weight loss (cobalt), enhancing resistance to parasites and diseases (cobalt, copper, and zinc), minimising scouring and dehydration (cobalt & copper), promoting overall health with benefits for eyes, teeth, and coat (cobalt, copper, and zinc), and accelerating finishing times.

The feeding guide provides specific recommendations for various animals:

Horses: From brood mares and foals to race horses, show horses, and stallions, Seaweed Meal offers tailored dosages to support different life stages and workloads.

Goats: Suitable for all breeds, simply mix 5-10g per day into the daily ration or place it in a container for goats to feed at their discretion.

Dairy Cattle: Tailored for cows in milk, calves, and bulls, Seaweed Meal ensures a balanced nutritional approach for optimal health.

Beef Cattle: Appropriate for all breeds, providing up to 60g per day.

Deer: Whether small or large, Seaweed Meal offers specified dosages to meet the nutritional needs of these unique animals.

Sheep: Beneficial for all breeds, offering 5-10g per day.

Poultry: Suitable for all breeds, simply incorporate 1-2% of the total ration, whether dry or wet.

Dogs: From small to large breeds, Seaweed Meal is easily mixed with food, ensuring that your canine companions receive the nutrition they need.

With no withholding period and easy-to-follow feeding guidelines, Seaweed Meal is the trusted choice for conscientious animal care and sustainable farming practices. Choose to nurture the health and vitality of your animals organically.
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