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Gatton Panic (Panicum maximum) - 1kg

A tufted, perennial summer grass that thrives in medium fertility loamy soils. This versatile grass is specifically designed to flourish in regions with an annual rainfall above 500 mm, making it an excellent choice for a variety of agricultural applications.

One of Gatton Panic's standout features is its ability to produce highly palatable feed throughout spring, summer, and autumn. Its subtropical nature makes it ideal for grazing, but proper management is crucial to prevent the grass from growing tall and becoming unpalatable.

- Quick Response to Rain: Gatton Panic exhibits rapid growth after rainfall, ensuring a consistent and reliable feed source.
- Ideal for Grazing: Well-suited for grazing purposes, Gatton Panic provides forage for livestock.
- High Palatability: Livestock find Gatton Panic very palatable, making it a preferred choice for feed.
- Excellent Spring Growth: The grass showcases impressive growth during the spring season, contributing to abundant forage availability.
- Drought Tolerance: Gatton Panic exhibits resilience in the face of drought conditions, offering consistent performance.

- Unpalatability under Poor Management: If not managed properly, Gatton Panic can become unpalatable. Careful attention to grazing practices is essential.

Seeding Rates:
Pure Swards: 15 kg/ha
Mixed Pasture: 4 – 8 kg/ha

Cultivation and Planting:
For optimal results, ensure seed-to-soil contact and provide adequate moisture during planting. Plant seeds no deeper than 1 cm. Germination typically occurs when temperatures reach 16 °C and rise.

General Fertilisation Guide:
Gatton Panic, like all C4 perennial grasses, responds well to nitrogen. Consult with a local agronomist for a balanced nutrient management plan.

Growing Tips:
To maintain palatability, graze Gatton Panic before or when 10% seed emergence is observed. The grass responds swiftly to summer rainfall events. It is often used in pasture mixes, complementing other grasses like Rhodes grass, Premier Digitaria, and Bambatsi.

Choose Gatton Panic for a reliable, palatable, and resilient summer grass that meets the diverse needs of your agricultural endeavours.
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