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Calcimate - Shell Grit - 20kg

Experience the pinnacle of poultry nutrition with Calcimate Grits, a superior calcium supplement designed specifically for poultry health and performance.

Crafted from pristine limestone (CaCO3), Calcimate is a premium source of calcium, essential for robust bone development and overall well-being in broilers and layers. With a focus on optimising your flock's health at every stage, Calcimate Grits ensure peak performance throughout their lifecycle.

Enhanced Broiler Performance and Bone Mineralisation: Calcimate Grits provide the necessary calcium levels to support healthy bone growth and strength in broilers. With consistent use, you can maintain optimal performance and minimise the risk of skeletal issues.

Perfect P/Ca Ratio: Achieving the right balance of phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) is crucial for poultry health. Calcimate Grits offer an ideal P/Ca mix, ensuring your birds receive the essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and vitality.

Shell Quality and Strength Maintenance: For layers, strong and durable eggshells are paramount. Calcimate Grits fortify shell quality, promoting sturdy egg formation and reducing the incidence of shell abnormalities.

Elevate your poultry farming operation with Calcimate Grits, the trusted choice for superior calcium supplementation. Ensure your birds thrive with the essential nutrients they need for peak performance and vitality.
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