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Premium Breeders - Small Parrot Mix - Per Kg

A carefully crafted blend designed to cater to the diverse nutritional needs of your feathered companions. This exceptional mix is formulated to provide a balanced and enticing diet for a range of parrot species, from neophemas to larger breeds such as Rosellas, Superbs, King Parrots, Ringnecks, and Regents.

At the heart of this premium mix are a variety of small seeds and coarse grains that cater to the dietary preferences of parrots across the size spectrum. Millets, ancient cultivated grasses, feature prominently in this mix, offering a rich source of carbohydrates while maintaining a low fibre content. These grains have stood the test of time, ensuring a heritage of quality for your birds.

The inclusion of oats, wheat, and corn, essential cereal crops, adds a robust combination of carbohydrates and protein to support the energy and nutritional requirements of your avian companions. This thoughtful blend also features Canaryseed, a winter grass cultivated in wheat-growing regions. Known for its high palatability and distinctive nutritional profile—higher in fibre and lower in carbohydrates compared to millet—Canaryseed is a vital ingredient in this mix. Avigrain is committed to maintaining a consistent level of Canaryseed in all their blends, regardless of cost, ensuring the well-being of your birds.

Grey Stripe Sunflower and Safflower, oilseeds rich in fat and fibre, are included in moderation to provide a tempting treat for your parrots. While these oilseeds are loved by birds, it's important to feed them sparingly due to their higher fat levels.

Designed with the health and happiness of your parrots in mind, this Small Parrot Mix is a versatile and nutritious option suitable for a wide range of parrot species. Whether you have larger parrots or smaller neophemas, this blend promises to cater to their distinct dietary needs. Please note that smaller parrots may leave some coarse grains, but overall, this mix ensures a delectable and balanced diet for your feathered friends. Trust Avigrain for the finest in avian nutrition.
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