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Sodium Bicarbonate - 25kg

Unlock the potential of optimal animal nutrition and flourishing crops with Sodium Bicarbonate. Trusted by dairymen, nutritionists, and agriculturists alike, this versatile compound plays a crucial role in enhancing various aspects of animal health and agricultural productivity.

Animal Nutrition:

In the realm of animal nutrition, Sodium Bicarbonate is renowned for its outstanding buffering capabilities. It acts as a stabilising force in the rumen, effectively reducing acidic conditions and maintaining an ideal pH. Dairymen and nutritionists rely on Sodium Bicarbonate for its proven ability to support digestive health in dairy cows, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and overall well-being.

But the benefits extend beyond the dairy farm. Poultry operations have found Sodium Bicarbonate to be an invaluable asset as a partial replacement for salt in poultry rations. Not only does it serve as an alternative sodium source, but it also aids in litter control, contributing to a drier and healthier living environment for broilers. With superior palatability, Sodium Bicarbonate effortlessly integrates into animal diets, making it a trusted choice across diverse livestock sectors.


In the agricultural landscape, Sodium Bicarbonate emerges as a key player in fostering healthy growing conditions and curbing undesirable fungal and microbial growth. Maintaining the right soil pH is essential for maximising crop production, and Sodium Bicarbonate, as a naturally alkaline compound, proves to be a reliable ally in achieving this goal.

As a soil amendment, Sodium Bicarbonate helps regulate pH levels, creating an environment conducive to robust crop growth. By limiting the proliferation of harmful fungi and other unwanted microorganisms, it promotes a healthier soil microbiome. Agriculturists can confidently turn to Sodium Bicarbonate to create the optimal conditions for crops to thrive, ultimately leading to improved yields and quality harvests.

Choose Sodium Bicarbonate for its exceptional quality, reliability, and multifaceted benefits.
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