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Pure Stockholm Tar – 1 Litre

Ensure the well-being of your equine companion with Pure Stockholm Tar, a premium solution crafted to promote optimal hoof health. Enriched with essential nutrients, this natural and safe formula provides a comprehensive approach to hoof care, addressing common concerns and enhancing overall hoof resilience.

Promotes Hoof Health: Pure Stockholm Tar is designed to fortify and maintain strong, healthy hooves. Its unique blend of nutrients works to nourish the hooves, promoting their strength and vitality.

Prevents and Treats Thrush: Combat thrush effectively with Pure Stockholm Tar. This product acts as a powerful ally against fungal infections in the hooves, ensuring optimal hoof hygiene and preventing the development of further complications.

Protects Against Bacteria and Moisture: Pure Stockholm Tar forms a protective barrier, shielding your horse's hooves from harmful bacteria, moisture, and environmental elements. This reduces the risk of infections and minimises potential damage to the hooves.

Enhances Hoof Growth: Stimulate and support healthy hoof growth with regular use of Pure Stockholm Tar. This formula is crafted to encourage the development of stronger, more resilient hooves for your horse, contributing to overall hoof well-being.

Natural and Safe: Formulated with natural ingredients, Pure Stockholm Tar is a safe and non-toxic solution for your horse's hoof care needs. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, and embrace a holistic approach to hoof health.

Invest in the well-being of your horse with Pure Stockholm Tar – a reliable and effective solution for maintaining strong, healthy hooves. Trust in the power of nature to nurture your equine companion's hooves and provide them with the care they deserve.
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