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Katek Super Grass – 18kg

Your go-to solution for achieving a vibrant and thriving lawn and garden! Crafted with care and precision, Super Grass is an organic-based lawn fertiliser and soil improver that's guaranteed to elevate the health and appearance of your outdoor spaces.

At the heart of Super Grass lies composted poultry manure, a natural powerhouse of nutrients that promotes robust growth and lush greenery. This eco-friendly approach ensures that your lawn receives the nourishment it craves without compromising on environmental sustainability.

What sets Super Grass apart is its unique blend of both slow-release and quick-release forms of feeding. This ensures that your lawn receives a steady stream of nutrients for sustained growth, while also experiencing rapid greening for that immediate visual impact.

Containing a balanced mix of synthetic and organic fertiliser granules, Super Grass is enriched with essential major and trace elements. From nitrogen to potassium, phosphorus to calcium, our formula delivers everything your lawn needs to thrive, ensuring that every blade of grass receives the care it deserves.

Versatile and effective, Super Grass isn't just limited to lawns. It's also perfect for nourishing a wide range of plants, vegetables, and fruit trees, making it a must-have for every gardening enthusiast.

Whether you're tending to a sprawling lawn, maintaining a lush resort landscape, or nurturing a bountiful garden, Super Grass is your trusted companion for achieving breathtaking results. Say goodbye to dull, lacklustre lawns, and hello to the vibrant, verdant paradise you've always dreamed of with Super Grass.
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